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You may want to use a ribbon made of thinner material for your first try.Satin ribbon is excellent to learn with, it's inexpensive and very easy to hold. This is ribbon that has a thin line of wire on either side of the ribbon.Generally it takes about 5 yards of ribbon to tie a medium sized bow.(Note that we said generally.) There are two important things to remember when you're tying a bow. Is it a Christmas tree topper bow or is it a small bow for a gift package?We're going to show you how to begin with one of the tails of the bow.If you have difficulty viewing the photographs, be sure to see our site and click the link to our Archived Newsletters.That means wherever you twist, you want to turn the ribbon so that the dull side (or negative side) of the ribbon is facing you.

If you like this, you may also enjoy: How To Make Bows Easy Holiday Gift Tags Homemade Gift Card Holders Difficulty: Easy to Intermediate Rule #1: Don't get frustrated. We'll show you another way to tie a bow for your tree top, gift packages, banisters, mantles and floral arrangements.SEE FIGURE #4 When you've created a bow as large as you desire, we're ready to create the center loop and finish off your bow.Let's say that you've completed your bow and you now have 5 loops on each side of your original twist point.If you're not too sure, simply roll off a lot of your material and leave it attached to the bolt.Make sure to roll off more than you plan to use so that the ribbon doesn't twist too badly%u FFFDyou can always re-roll anything you don't use.

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