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Moreover, WPA3 will simplify the process of securing access points that don't have a display or interface.The forthcoming standard will provide individualized data encryption to protect data as it moves from computers, tablets, and phones to access points.At this point in time it's too soon to say this is a wide-spread issue, but it's worth keeping an eye on.Also, beside the overheating issue, some users are beginning to suspect Apple is using some kind of enhancement that uses the cellular connection for some reason even if they have wifi turned on and connected.Last, WPA3 will include a 192-bit security suite to help businesses and governments adopt the highest levels of protection.Apple this week said it will improve the tools parents can use to control how much time their children spend on i Phones and i Pads.This is why you want to be careful to evaluate the risk of untrusted code for each Windows Server instance, and balance the security versus performance tradeoff for your environment.

We take this responsibility very seriously and we are committed to meeting and exceeding our customers' expectations, especially when it comes to protecting kids." Apple already provides a series of parental controls for i Phone and i Pad use, such as moderating what content is accessible by children and what apps are downloaded.

Non-security updates are only available with Extended Hotfix Support, and complimentary support from Microsoft gives way to paid support options.

About the only good thing about Extended Support is that security updates will continue to be pushed out to Windows 8.1 systems.

It's been reported that several customers over in the Apple forums are stating that their i Phone X is overheating for no reason at all.

Some have said they even put the phone in the freezer to cool it down and that didn't help.

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