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Always had the fantasy, me and a teen boy,not obsessed, time to time see a cute kid, think its one of few kinks I havent experienced.Maybe turning forty did it, divorced for years, playing the field, lots of women, a few men, I was agressive bi, loved to ass fuck hard, maybe a little abuse for the fag,mmmmm.He was perfect, right there, still feminine, muscled teen nice, body hair minimal, again that ass was obscene, you could not look at it and not have bad intentions.Even his legs were sexy girl, little hair, sculpted devine, just a little soft baby fat around his thighs,mmm, his cock was five inches, semihard, boy was interested, balls encased in their hairless, smooth sack, sexy.Who was I to deny a teens quest for knowledge, he was on his knees, between my spread knees, his eyes locked onto my cock, his marveling at its size, telling him I was way above average, he was average, but had a chance to still grow, his smile, his hand on my cock, looking tiny, his other hand on his raging penis, precum glistening, he was ready, no sense waiting.He sucked tenative at first, my hand softly running through his silky hair, his comments, it tasted good, I was a so big, his grunt as I entered his steamy mouth, his lips stretched comically wide, the sexy boy winked at me, nice, he was soon swallowing six inches, back and forth,his hot mouth so nice, so wet, his tongue tickling my underside, his hands massaging my balls, told him to, he did, this is going to be easy.Clued him in on the coming sperm explosion, told him to keep it in his mouth, he did, looked so cute, my sperm covering his tongue, made him blow bubbles, while I massaged his hard nipples, his body shivering from my rough fingers, he swallowed greedily, lips smacking,admitted he enjoyed doing that, teased him that I wanted that everyday, his sad response, he would do anything to not have to go home, my assurances of his staying here with that tpye of behavoir, he was his giggling self in no time.When I sat him on the rock, knelt at his knees, his purrs, I ravished his cock and balls, giving him the best knobber ever, his cum spraying wild, so tasty, some on my face, arm, chest, the way his tiny balls churned, his stomach rippled, his sexy hair shook, his face glowed, he came with passion, good for him.

He was a nice kid, his story sad, class punching bag, never fit in, mom a crackhead, her new husband brutal to Brian, lots of beatings, humiliation, he was teary, my hand rubbing his hard thigh, telling him that I would protect him, knowing he needed security, craved it, he would trade lots for that,we shall see.

He held my hand on the way to the cottage, lovers, his amazement at the interior of the place, the large screen HD, the fireplace, twosided, could be seen in the house, and from the porch, the top of the line computer, telling him he could use it whenever, his thanks, see, he knew how to be thankful, a skill lost on most teens, his astonishment at my shower, could fit four easy, it had ten water jets, I was a shower fanatic.

The joy I got from soaping his sexy body, had to smile at my pangs of regret, never having a child, my aceptance that he could be mine, why not, he was a good kid, had every reason to be surly, angry, I mean fuck he had never owned a computer, he was so sweet, as I soaped him his giggles, his abilty to enjoy my tenderness, this was going to work out nicely He went with me willingly, let me work my fingers up his bum, his pleas to not hurt him, my whispers, only my fingers today, would never hurt him, loved him, he hugged me, our naked bodies rubbing, god, he was perfect, his tongue in my mouth, he slid down me, his need to please me strong, his mouth so devine, my cock hard again, he was going to kill me, mmmmmm.

The marijauna relaxed us, his coughing sweet, he physically relaxed, thanked me for being nice to him.

My opening, told him I wanted him in the water with me, his sexy shy stripping down, his eyes wide at the first glimsp of my oversized sausage.

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