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Despite parents repeatedly raising the alarm, Google-owned You Tube told the Mail earlier this month that over the previous 30 days, one in 200 videos meant for kids on the app have had to be removed for being ‘inappropriate’.Considering that a recent survey by internet security experts Kaspersky Lab found the average child spends 40 minutes a day watching online videos on a mobile device — as many as 20 short clips a day — it’s not hard to work out the risks of coming across such material, or the psychological harm it could cause.Yet it is also leading youngsters down some very dark alleyways.Chillingly, even when they click on the cartoon characters they love, toddler and primary-age children are not safe.

‘They are reaching a huge amount of people for a small amount of investment, and the returns are good.’While she acknowledges that protecting free speech is important, Professor Livingstone says: ‘To promote the welfare of children is not Big Brother or pro-censorship.

But then I would point the finger firmly back at You Tube.‘With the You Tube Kids app, they are selling a flawed product [because inappropriate material is still slipping through].

If this were baby food they were selling, we wouldn’t stand for this.’So why is anyone creating spoof cartoons to traumatise children?

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Gone are the days when children’s TV consisted of safe, age-appropriate programming such as Playschool or The Magic Roundabout.

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