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Looking at the residential side, for instance, it is easy to see that the current strong housing demand – together with abundant supply of capital – are pushing for a significant increase in the supply of rental residential dwellings. The year 2016 witnessed the highest property transactions volume ever in Finland.Already in early December, the transaction volume in the Finnish property market hit its new annual record level with approximately EUR 6.4 billion.Jouko Turto, Director of Turku Municipal Property Corporation, says that the Turku shipyard is a fine example of the local industrial prowess – but it is not the only success story around here.Futureproofing buildings, communities and cities was one of the big themes at the Annual Convention of Property Investment Prospects in Aulanko, Hämeenlinna, Finland.Today, I have an amazing partner and I continue to learn as we grow in our relationship together.

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Are you newly single due to a recent break up or divorce and finding it difficult to get back into the dating scene?

Do you have questions about why you are having so many 'challenges' finding the right guy for you? We have all been there, done that and gotten the t shirt..... After one lack-luster date too many, however, I’d had enough!

Come on out and join other single like minded [email protected] women for a few cocktails and a fun and interactive discussion about dating at mid life - facilitated by dating expert June Em June has a very colourful past (see her site) and a variety of great workshops on her website. I read dozens of books on dating, relationships, and gender intelligence, followed experts, attended workshops, and put all this advice to the test on over 100 dates in real life.

Tapiola, of course, is near and dear to the hearts of all Finns and widely regarded as a natural treasure; upon its birth over 60 years ago, Tapiola was a shining example of a modern community rooted in natural values.

The first-built parts of Tapiola Commercial Centre (from the 1950s and 1960s) still form a valued architectural landmark - but, over time, the centre lost some of its momentum and its sense of purpose.

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