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This adorable deer couldn’t help but be intrigued by the camera planted in the wild.

Instead of a camera, this deer had other ideas and thought it looked like a tasty snack.

Either that or he is trying to woo her with food and a lot of loving, it’s always nice to have someone to keep you warm in the winter months.

Maybe we should avert our eyes to something else and let these two make some adorable little cubs.

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No matter where he went, the other animal was staring and the reindeer lost his patience and charged at the animal in question.

A Decepticon who has six forms, Sixshot is a one man army and among the most deadly Transformers to ever exist.

We can safely say that the camera isn’t worth the calories, he should give this one a miss.

This reindeer was obviously having a bad day and was absolutely fuming when he saw another animal staring at him while he was trying to cool off.

Battletrap's brain modules get along well in battle, and torment opponents in concert with each other.

In at least one continuty, though, he is upgraded to being a Triple Changer to save his life.

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